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Small talk Philippines Anti China demonstrations hastily
 Clicks:         Date: 13-10-12

"The iron oxide green is very common in Philippines, every two or three days there,only represent part of the community appeal." Fu Zhigang said: "the organizers of the event is to increase media exposure, hope to gain attention in future campaign. The majority of the people of Philippines are very friendly to Chinese people."

"The West Philippines sea alliance" was founded in Philippines in the last week, iron oxide green, include last year organized Anti China demonstrations "Murphy remittance of the United States of America good governance association". In addition to Philippines, the protests in 24 at noon at the Chinese Embassy in the United States, Britain, and the Consulate in Italy, Israel and other countries of thesimultaneous demonstrations, the headquarters is located in New York's "the United States Philippine Overseas Chinese good zhengxiehui" organization. But the overseas Anti China demonstrations last year similar are got no response,participants scanty.

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