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Small talk Philippines Anti China demonstrations hastily
 Clicks:         Date: 13-10-12

At noon on July 24th, the Philippines iron oxide green capital of Manila Anti China demonstrations.

People.com.cn Beijing on 24 July, (Zheng Qingting) campaign has long iron oxide green Philippines global Anti China demonstrations in Philippines's capital Manila to11 at noon today. By twelve thirty, the scene only a few hundred people, far less than 5000 people declared. The concrete situation of the parade, people.com.cn connect the first time the "Guangming Daily" reporter Fu Zhigang in Philippines.

According to Fu Zhigang introduction, the demonstration by the newly establishediron oxide green "West Philippines sea (i.e. South) alliance" leadership, the sponsor is the Philippine's former interior minister, Lunan and former national security adviserhigh raze, organizers had planned to call 5000 people participated in demonstrations,but actually only four or five people in China embassy is located in Makati City, theconsular section, and the scene is more peaceful and orderly,. In addition to the twoorganizers, previously expected to appear in Philippines, and retired officials did notappear.

According to the introduction, the main purpose of the parade has two: one is to tell the Philippines domestic and external world "Philippines backyard what happened,"protests against China on Philippines's "bullying" in the Islands Dispute; the two is toChinese pressure to force China to fee concessions, in the South China Sea issue.However, for the political appeal, this a few days ago, Vice Minister of Ministry of foreign affairs of Philippines before Baja had expressed explicitly in response to a foreign reporter's question, this parade "of no use".

The protest was the acquiescence of the government has been Philippines. Philippine foreign ministry said 18, not the Philippine government inspired protests, but the people of Philippines have the right to a peaceful way on any subject, vocalexpression of position, the government will not interfere. Philippines's Foreign Ministry spokesman Hernandez said, people have the right to express in the South China Seaissue and emotion in a peaceful way. The protest "is performed by individuals and organizations in the name of individual", the Philippine government not to impose sanctions.

A few days ago Street interview results show, in the lower people do not care for theAnti China demonstrations like this, many people never even heard of. In the first quarter of 2013, the unemployment rate reached 7.5%, 3900000 households in thefood and clothing line below the background,. Therefore, the Philippines common people the most immediate concern oxide green is undoubtedly the government to solve the problems of economic development.

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