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"SHEN MING pigment," was founded in 1982, registered the "god" trademark. There are currently three factory, covers an area of about 80,000 square meters. Mainly produces iron oxide series pigments: iron oxide yellow, iron oxide green, iron oxide red, iron oxide black, iron oxide brown, iron oxide blue, iron oxide orange and so on. There are also paint paste, wall poster paint, paint and other materials of ancient buildings.
I plant the "spirit" brand paint, there are 20 years of production experience. Production of iron oxide pigments which have the expertise, annual production reached a total of 9,000 tons. I plant continuously at home and abroad advanced technology, continuous research and innovative, so my factory product quality continues to increase. 20 years, we have the spirit of quality first, user supreme principle, first-class quality, perfect service to the consolidation of the old customers, opening up new users, through self-and agent, the products sell well all over the country, and export sales to Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and other countries and regions. Annual export volume of business growing at a rate of 20%. Now I plant strong technical force, able to undertake a variety of different uses of the user and business requirements, according to sample produce supplier, the company warmly welcome.
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