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Iron oxide green pigment series development and related applications
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Method for the production of iron oxide and iron oxide yellow liquid phase oxidation of 1.2.

With caustic soda (or ammonia) and ferrous sulfate production by air oxidation offerrous hydroxide, ferrous hydroxide crystal seed, in the presence of a seed by air oxidation of ferrous sulfate, the reaction process of continuous dripping of ferrous sulfate and alkali (or ammonia), keep the ferrous iron concentration and pH value offerric oxide, through the control on the shade of progress can be obtained from lightto dark a series of hue. The technology for the production of iron oxide red andyellow difference lies the seed preparation conditions, acidic condition iron topaz,alkaline conditions to iron red crystal. Using the method of air liquid phase oxidationto produce 1 tons of iron oxide is about seven water ferrous sulfate 3.5~4 tons, 30%3 tons of caustic soda or liquid ammonia 0.45 tons.

Method for the production of iron oxide in China is still at the laboratory stage by liquid phase oxidation, there is no industrial production device. The main reason isthe quality of the products and the iron law of mature and a large gap, it needs to consume a large amount of alkali or ammonia, the production cost is also no advantage. But as one of the effective ways of treatment of titanium dioxide by-product ferrous sulfate, this is a very worthy of study in the production process, keypoints: one is to find an effective method of control of particle uniform growth, improve the quality of products; the two was based on the reaction of sodium or ammoniumsalt recovery, reduce the production cost.

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