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iron oxide pigment
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Product Name: iron oxide yellow

1. Product Overview: the iron oxide yellow pigment with excellent performance. For the distinctive brown color yellow. Hiding power and tinting strength are high color strength is almost the same with lead chrome yellow. Light resistance, air resistance and foul gases of all very good. Alkali are highly soluble in hot acid, a high degree of heat, 150 degrees. 
2. Specifications Model: 313/311/920. 
3. Usage: widely used in colored cement, bricks, paints, building materials, plastics, paints and other fields. Can be used in printing ink, rubber, paper and coloring agent. 
4. Storage conditions: store in a dry place without rendering damp, avoid high temperature and with the acid-base complex isolation. According to the above storage conditions, unpackaged products effective storage period of three years. 
5. Packing: 25 kg / bag, outer plastic or brown paper bag within a series. 
6. Instructions for use: Recommended dosage: iron oxide yellow 1 ~ 2 kg, 50 kg of cement, water, appropriate amount. (For Gaza sub-100 kg.)

Product Name: Iron Oxide Yellow Model: 311/313/920

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