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iron oxde orange
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Chinese name : iron oxide orange

Molecular formula : Fe2O3
Chinese alias : CI Pigment Red 101 ; transparent wire ; transparent iron oxide red ; iron ; high permeability iron ; ferric oxide ( medicinal ) ; ferrite iron oxide ; iron oxide hydrate ; iron oxide, brown ; - phase iron oxide ; iron Pink ; iron Dan ; iron oxide red
English name : Iron (III) oxide
English Name : CI 77491; CI Pigment Red 101; CI Pigment Red 101 and 102; CI Pigment Red 102; Ferric oxide; Iron (III) Oxide Anhydrous; diiron trioxide; E 172; Iron (III) oxide - calcined; Ironoxide anhydrous; Ironoxideredbrownpowder; Iron oxide - precipitated; Ferric oxide, medicinal; Ferric oxide for ferrite; Iron (III) oxide, red; Hematite; IRON OXIDE RED; CIPR101; Iron (III) oxide; diferric oxygen (-2) anion; oxo- (oxoferriooxy) iron; iron oxide orange
CAS No. :1309 -37-1 ; 1317-60-8 ; 1332-37-2
EINECS No. :215 -168-2 ; 215-275-4 ; 215-570-8
MW: 159.6882
Iron oxide is the main component of the rust . The main causes of rust in the presence of iron metal impurities of carbon , oxygen and moisture in the environment reacts with the metallic iron will rust. For paint, ink, rubber and other industries , do catalyst , glass, stones, metal polishing agent , used as iron raw materials. Iron oxide pigments as the largest application to use. Divided by color red iron oxide, iron oxide yellow, iron oxide black, iron oxide brown iron oxide red, iron oxide black ( and yellow iron oxide ) mixed ; Orange is a mixture of iron oxide and iron oxide yellow iron oxide red made ; oxide green is a mixture of blue phthalocyanine blue and yellow iron oxide orange formed . [ 2 ]
Stability: Stable , dissolved in hydrochloric acid , sulfuric acid generated +3 valence iron . Elemental iron in ferrous ions generated displacement reaction .
Storage: Store in a dry place, without rendering damp, avoid high temperature , and with acid substance isolated. According to the above storage conditions , unpackaged products effective storage period of three years.
Solubility: insoluble in water , do not react with water . Dissolved in acid , the reaction with the acid . Does not react with NaOH.
Oxidation : a high temperature is reduced CO, H ₂, Al, C, Si and the like.

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