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Iron oxide red belt drying process workshop production of alternative
 Clicks:         Date: 13-10-10
     Low productivity, labor-intensive, poor working environment, which plagued the industry for half a century red iron oxide problems have been overcome. August 25 leading enterprises from China Zhejiang Deqing Huayuan Pigment Pigment Co., Ltd. has learned that a completely new belt drying process automation technology to replace the traditional process of iron oxide into the red line has been successfully put into operation in the past, take 3 4-day production cycle is now only two hours to complete.

The Ridiculous Feng, deputy general manager, told reporters: This fully automated production line yield 650 kilograms per hour or more, the entire process from the initial moisture content of 35% of the cake to the automatic drying, milling, the final automatic bagging the finished iron oxide powder, took less than 2 hours. In the past, the traditional "small workshop" mode to complete a production cycle at least have three to four days time.

The core is the use of new technology with a direct replacement for the drying process of drying, after the original "small workshop" type process, thus reducing the "traditional" drying room link. New technology to improve production efficiency, production has been greatly improved, and finished a pass rate improved significantly, the product color is more stable.

Meanwhile, a closed set of equipment used to run, and automated operation, a large number of floating dust phenomenon almost disappeared. In addition, the new technology brings another advantage is that energy consumption decreased significantly. Production of primary energy consumed in the steam, the consumption decreased from the original 1.51 tons to 1.25 tons of now, a decrease of as high as 17%.

Huayuan Pigment successful innovation from the business a long time accumulation. The company has tried the new blades and the disc has dryers and other innovative techniques, have achieved good results. Early this year, with implementation for the iron oxide red dryer drying process, after the original alternative to the technological transformation of the success of the project in one fell swoop. Today, Huayuan Pigment is seriously improved collection of some of the technical parameters of the two, ready to further expand the application of the results.

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